The Continuation Bet: When You Should Use it in Poker

The continuation bet is beneficial for a number of reasons. It allows you to keep the game going in hopes of putting more in the pot before you win it. It can also allow you to fold other players so that you get the pot instantly. It's obviously a popular poker move, but when should you use it in poker?

Becoming Predictable

Too many players do the continuation bet all the time no matter what the situation. This is a huge mistake. When you're playing predictably, individuals will start to exploit you and use your predictability to win games. Never automatically c-bet, because you're going to become predictable. Instead, gauge the situation first and then determine whether you should or should not c-bet.

When There Are Several Callers

You shouldn't do the continuation bet when you have several players who are going to call. This is because there are more chances that you will be called in one or more spots. Your fold equity in this situation is non existent and it's more important to work on betting hands that are solid rather than bluffing or semi-bluffing.

Rather than c-betting all the time, really take the time to gauge the situation in order to determine whether a continuation would benefit you before doing so. You want to gain the most amount of money and obviously, you want to be ensured that you're going to win the pot before you c-bet.